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First International Meeting of Alliance Facilitators, Barcelona, 1996

This document is the final report of the first international meeting of Workshop, Geocultural Group and Socioprofessional Network facilitators of the Alliance.

The meeting was organized in Barcelona by Martí Olivella and Mon Gordo of EcoConcern. The document includes:

- a presentation of the alliance and Ecoconcern;
- a presentation of the project "Innovative Proposals to Reconsider Society";
- the findings and decisions of the meeting: common plan for the Alliance 1996-2000 and projects established by the commissions; the year 2000 event; organization, decision making and financing of the Alliance; communication, publications and Internet-based decision making; starting, organizing, and coordinating a workshop; strategies for those and what has been left out ;
- a recap on methodology, the pace, and the participants of the meeting;
- the projects sent by facilitators who could not attend the meeting.



Marti Olivella
Director of Nova, Center for Social Innovation,
+ 15 article(s)

Joan Ramon Gordo
+ 2 article(s)


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