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1997: Other Documents Related to the Meetings

The seven simultaneous meetings—Bertioga-São Paulo (Brazil), Bangalore (India), Barcelona (Spain), Kigali (Rwanda), Roubaix (France), and Algiers (Algeria) and a sixth one that was spontaneously self-organized in Finland—gave birth to a number of workgroups. Following are some of their reports, rooted in the 1997 meetings.

  • A Few Words about the Alliance for a Responsible and United World since Les Vaux de Cerney in 1993 to 2001, by Maurice COSANDEY
    Maurice COSANDEY (FPH )
    01 May 2001
    The Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World is the continuation of the work of the Group of Vézelay. Maurice COSANDEY was part of the construction of the Alliance from its beginnings and gives us his point of view.
  • Articulations and Communication in the Alliance
    Véronique RIOUFOL
    20 March 2003
    Successes and failures in the "How to form alliances?" process.
  • Building a World Alliance to Face Social Apartheid - A Note on the Central Theme of the Economy and Society
    Philippe Guirlet
    30 October 1997
    In preparation for the meetings of the Alliance for a Responsible and United World of December 1997 - São Paulo
  • Capitalization on the Social Issue
    Véronique Rioufol
    28 November 2003
    This document retraces the history of the "social issue" in the Alliance from 1994 to 2001. It highlights that the treatment of the social issue-from participation at the UN Social Development Summit to the construction of the Solidarity Socioeconomy Workgroup-had many shapes and evolutions.
  • Communication Strategy for the Alliance: Framework and Proposal for Action
    Ricardo Gómez
    28 November 2003
    This document is a progress report, written by the Communication Team of the Alliance. This document shows the thoughts exchanged via the internet in August-September and in some work sessions in Paris on October 1998. It was circulated among a larger group of interested Allies.
  • Kigali, 1997, a Platform for Peace in the Great Lakes Region
    Gustavo Marin (FPH)
    01 January 1998
    This document reports on the initiative undertaken to establish a climate of peace and long-term serenity in the Great Lakes region that was witness to such murderous activity in the recent past.
  • Report on the Discussions of the Alliance Communication Project
    Edison Paredes (Facilitateur de l'Atelier)
    14 December 2003
    This document is the report of the meeting in Quito in February 2000 that gathered part of the Communication Committee of the International Facilitation Team of the Alliance.
  • Sustainable Forest Management
    15 November 2000
    Proposal Paper containing different definitions of the forest, an analysis of the conflicts between forest use and other land uses, especially of the economic and environmental impacts due to the increase of farmland.
  • The Alliance Values Workshop
    Véronique RIOUFOL
    15 April 2003
    A first attemps at capitalization.
  • The Role and Position of Women in the Development of Solidarity Economy
    Morgane Iserte (FPH)
    01 March 1999
    Proposal for the organization of a theme-based group within the Solidarity Socioeconomy Workgroup.
  • The Social Question in the Alliance
    Véronique RIOUFOL
    18 December 2002
    Metamorphoses of an Alliance theme
  • Women and Economy Workshop, Position Paper
    Cécile Sabourin (Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue UQAT, Québec)
    01 July 1998
    This document shows how women's activities are taken into account in economic theories and questions their roles in economic life.
  • World Assembly: Scenario and Working Agenda
    Pierre Calame (FPH)
    27 November 2003
    This document is the second version of the draft for a scenario of the World Assembly in Lille and of the working calendar needed for its preparation.


Gustavo Marin
Director of the Forum for a New World (...)
+ 26 article(s)

Pierre Calame
Chairman, Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for (...)
+ 27 article(s)

Cécile Sabourin
Cécile Sabourin is Teacher in the University (...)
+ 2 article(s)

Maurice Cosandey
Switzerland. Honorary Professor. Engineer of (...)
+ 1 article(s)

Morgane Iserte
+ 3 article(s)

Ricardo Gómez
Expert in Communication.
+ 5 article(s)

Véronique Rioufol
FPH : Fondation Charles Léopold Meyer pour le (...)
+ 6 article(s)

Philippe Guirlet
Editeur de Caravane, lettre de liaison de (...)
+ 1 article(s)


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