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Production, Investment, and Technology

Published in May 2001

This Proposal Paper is the summary of the Production, Technologies and Investment workshop debates on the electronic forum and the meeting at Bangalore, India on the May 5 and 6, 2001.

Societies that have had free markets and have had bad experiences loudly proclaim the merits of a Socialist state-controlled economy, while those societies which have suffered the ills of Socialist state controls are crying out for liberalization. There is such diversity in the experiences of different countries with different political and economic systems that it is very difficult to make general statements on the merits and demerits of any particular system. How can one prepare a strategy for the future that is more equitable and cares for the human being, who should ultimately be at the center of this whole debate? Is it at all possible to prepare such a strategy that is applicable all over the world? Secondly who is to prepare such a strategy? In this paper, the issue of who is to prepare and implement such a strategy is addressed first, as the issue has become very complex. It was decided to clearly structure the discussion into selected topics so that the impact of the changes in Technology, Production, and Investment on all aspects affecting people and societies could be discussed.

Coordinated by ...

- Ramesh Ramaswamy

Graduate in business school practicing management consultant specializing in Strategic Business Planning. Has been working on a number of environmental issues, specially in the field of Industrial Ecology, which is considered one of the possible approaches to Sustainable Development.

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Topics Included

economy . finance . information . Internet . politics . science and technology control . world

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