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21 Proposal Papers

Go !Companies Beyond Profit?
This Proposals Paper is a summary of the work of the "Companies and Solidarity" Workshop. If the main question is how to invert the aims of the economy, in order to put humans back at the core of the project, and in which companies are just one of its parts, an initial debate was related the level of responsibility of business enterprises in the globalization process and its effects. (...)

Go !Debt and Structural Adjustment
This Proposal Paper is a summary of the work by the Debt and Structural Adjustment Workshop. The subject of the debt is one that affects the everyday life of the citizens of the South in that resources are transferred for the development of the South to the North, thus slowing down the accumulation of capital of the countries of the South. The theoretical modes of approximation of the (...)

Go !Economic Policies
Currently, economic polices summarize the main characteristics of the neoconservative system. They have been responsible for borrowing and updating conservative principles, previously thought obsolete, once again giving impetus to the expansion of a new wave of accumulation by the capitalist economy. The challenge is to make economic policies capable of redistributing revenues and wealth, (...)

Go !Ethical Consumption
This Proposal Paper is a summary of the work by the Ethical Consumption Workshop. The acceleration of the production cycle and the use of natural raw materials, added to the enormous amount of waste generated throughout the process, is leading the system toward a growing entropy, which in the long term represents an "ecocide," the gradual destruction of the environment, which is the basis (...)

Go !Fair Trade
This Proposal Paper is a summary of the work accomplished by the Fair Trade Workshop The proposals of the Thematic Workshop on Fair Trade of the Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World are the provisional result of two years of collective international and cross-cultural debate on this issue. They are based on the experiences, discussions, and innovations that took place in (...)

Go !Finance for the Common Good
This Proposal Paper is a summary of the work by the workshop Escaping from the Financialization Maze: Finance for the Common Good. The importance of finance in the Western vision of society has grown in parallel to an increased confidence in the future of the system and to the multiplication of assets and financial transactions. This process can be qualified as the "financialization" of (...)

Go !From the WTO’s Setback in Seattle ... to the Conditions for Global Governance
This Proposals Paper is a summary of the work by the workshop "From the WTO’s Setback in Seattle... to the Conditions for Global Governance. Ever since the WTO Conference in Seattle, there has been growing awareness of globalization issues within civil society, and this awareness has now spread beyond the circle of the best-informed activists. Many, categorically and perhaps a little (...)

Go !Growth and Sustainable Development
Overall sustainable development supposes that two concepts are called into question: 1) the pseudo law of "market self-regulation"; 2) the notion of "human insatiability" as the basis of "needs". A sustainable culture must give precedence to the fulfillment of "being" rather than to "having". All its facets should be made clear: cultural (there is no single system of sustainable (...)

Go !Health and its Issues in the Twenty-first Century
The current crisis of humankind manifests itself principally through the fact that a great part of its members suffer from, among other things, poverty, injustice, discrimination, inequality, lack of technologies and difficulties in accessing health services. Health is a fundamental factor of human development, and an health-centred analysis is thus essential, and can provide us with elements (...)

Go !How Can Companies Exercise Their Responsibilities?
Proposal Paper produced by the socioprofessional network, Company Leaders and Executives. For a Sustainable Prosperity. Proposal for a code of conduct on how to exercise economic, social, and environmental responsibilities in companies. Company legitimacy, in the eyes of civil society, is based on the whole of their impact on society and not only on their economic role. The influence of (...)

Go !Precarity and Exclusion
An attempt to unite the "socially excluded" and the "socially accepted" who are determined to fight against a society that generates and trivializes precarious situations. Furthermore, to offer support in their working toward achieving a different society, where property, power, and knowledge are shared. Is there another way of apprehending business, the market and society? In any case, it (...)

Go !Production, Investment, and Technology
This Proposal Paper is the summary of the Production, Technologies and Investment workshop debates on the electronic forum and the meeting at Bangalore, India on the May 5 and 6, 2001. Societies that have had free markets and have had bad experiences loudly proclaim the merits of a Socialist state-controlled economy, while those societies which have suffered the ills of Socialist state (...)

Go !Red Card for Tourism?
Tourism has numerous consequences on societies and environment. It is the sole human activity that leads us, in a massive way, for better and for worse, to a face-to-face encounter between the well-to-do populations of the North and the sometimes poor populations of the Southern continents, because of their beauty and climate, and often because of their preserved cultures as well. This (...)

Go !Social Money: Lever of the Economic Paradigm
This Proposal Paper is a summary of the work by the "Social Money as a Lever for the New Economic Paradigm" Workshop. In the past two decades, a variety of experiences related to complementary currencies have been developed in different social and cultural contexts, in which the shortage or absence of money is met with creativity through distinct trading instruments. These initiatives run (...)

Go !Solidarity Economy
This proposals paper is a synopsis of the work of the Solidarity Economy Workshop. Today both Northern and Southern countries are faced with common challenges. The hegemonic model of economic development, rooted in the globalization of capitalism, seems to be reaching its limits. Although it allows moderate rates of economic growth, it also leads to more and more alarming rates of (...)

Go !Solidarity Finance
This Proposal Paper is a summary of the work by the Solidarity Finance Workshop. The interventions of Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) in the Northern countries have set up a link between "savers" (those who possess financial assets) and borrowers (those who are lacking in such assets) by conferring an ethical nature to savings. The social link is created between populations with (...)

Go !Tax Policies, Redistribution, and Social Welfare
Tax policy should be designed as an instrument for redistributing wealth within societies and ensuring social protection. At government level this means that defining economic policies in general should no longer be done to the advantage of financial markets, but as a function of social values decided democratically. Experiments such as participatory budgets are the sparks needed to set such (...)

Go !The Trade-union Movement at the Dawn of the Twenty-first Century
The Socioprofessional Network of Trade Unions of the Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World has tried to identify strategies and tactics that can modernize and improve the trade-union movement’s response to the challenge of globalization, precarious working conditions, and communication difficulties that can arise between trade unionists and members of other social movements (...)

Go !Women and the Economy
This Proposals Paper summarizes the work of the Women and the Economy workshop, in which more than 50 people took part via an electronic forum, and two meetings, one in Paris between October 9 and 11, 2000, and the other in Havana between April 9 and 11 2001. Women live, work and produce in strongly contrasting conditions. However it seems that they share an understanding of fundamental (...)

Go !Work, Employment, and Activity
This Proposal Paper is a summary of the work resulting from the electronic forum of the "Work, Employment" workshop, the Summary Congress, carried out in Florianopolis/Brazil, from April 27 to 29, 2001, and the Congress of the 15 WSSE workshops, in Findhorn, Scotland, from June 9 to 15, 2001. The document deals with transformations in the world of work as well as with trade unions, related to (...)

Go !World Trade Organization
The World Trade Organization negotiations on agriculture resulted in increasing inequalities between the countries of the North and those of the South. Because it takes into account neither forms of production (sustainable or not) nor producers, because it encourages agricultural exports, the agreement favors intensive agriculture to the detriment of family farming. It is special and (...)




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