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Proposals Related to the Water Issue

Published in September 2001

If there is one field in which governance is necessary, even vital, it is that of water supply, for it is indeed in this field "that a far-reaching change in the management of our planet and the life therein is necessary." Why? Because water is Life and because, on this planet, water commands and regulates all fundamental phenomena and all essential interactions.

Water is an unalienable right for every human being.

All levels of water supply management are necessary and independent. The integrated approach to the catchment areas must take into account the needs of irrigation and those of towns, jointly and not separately as is often seen to be the case. Equipment must be sought to bring about water saving and to increase its efficiency in irrigation systems and industrial processes. Financial responsibility for water must be assumed by the individual and by the community according to the principles of responsibility and use while respecting ethics and democracy.

The governance of a water supply must be guided by the principles of sustainable development. Science and technology must be used to meet the requirements of the communities both in the fields of drinking water supplies and sanitation facilities. All governance of a water supply must promote education in connection with water, and make the general public more widely aware of water saving and resource conservation.


Coordinated by ...

- Larbi Bouguerra

Scientific Journalist. Director of the Scientific Research Institute. Tunis and France

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Topics Included

agriculture . energy . industry . natural resources . water . world

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