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Agriculture and Sustainable Development

Published in October 2001

This Proposal Paper describes the situation of agriculture in an economic globalization context and provides elements of proposals for sustainable agriculture and development.

In spite of the commitments made in Rio in 1992, the challenges related to the environment and development (pressure on natural resources, reduction of poverty, and reorientation of forms of production and consumption), in the agricultural sector and for the rural populations, remain whole.

This document describes the situation of sustainable agriculture in the countries of the North and the South and places the discussion in the present context of economic globalization.

In view of the next Earth Summit in 2002, it provides elements of proposals for sustainable agriculture and sustainable development based on the market, agricultural policies, and social dialog.


Coordinated by ...

- Bill Vorley

International Institute for Environment and Development, USA

Site - International Institute for Environment and Development


- Iain Farqhar

The United Kingdom


- Jasmin Aguilar

Grupo de Estudios Ambientales, Mexico

Site - Grupo de Estudios Ambientales


- Samuel FĂ©ret

Sustainable Agriculture Network, France


Topics Included

agriculture . consumption . ecology . rural economy . agricultural policy . economic globalization . environment . natural resources . rural world . sustainable development . world

Workgroup Papers

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Go ! Food, Nutrition, and Public Policies
Go ! Industrial Ecology: Agenda for the Long-term Evolution of the Industrial System
Go ! People’s Right to Feed Themselves and Achieve Food Sovereignty
Go ! Proposals on Food Security
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