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Number 6 August 2000

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Assembly 2000-2001
Call to join the Enlarged International Facilitation Team of the Alliance

In the fall of 1999, the International Facilitation Team (IFT) of the Alliance, in charge of articulating the Allies' activities in view of the Assembly 2000-2001, met for the first time in Barcelona.

During the second IFT meeting in Bangalore in March 2000, it was decided to change the modus operandi of this team, by opening it to other participants and clarifying its role. The IFT indeed concluded that the implementation of the Assembly should rest on personal commitments of the Allies, rather than on working through specialized commissions. As a result, it seemed important to enlarge the IFT so as to take better account of the diversity of Allies' activities and give them greater visibility.

All people involved in concrete initiatives in the Assembly framework and committed to sharing information and building links with other Allies are thus today invited to join the IFT. To guarantee a good monitoring of the Assembly, these people must be ready to:

  • the simultaneous organization, by all Workshops, of considerations and discussions leading to concrete, collectively elaborated and approved proposals;

  • act as interface between their workshop or area of activity and the IFT by spreading information in both directions;

  • take part in the collective work of articulation on the electronic forum "equipo-alliance".

The electronic forum

The forum "equipo-alliance", set up in late 1999 to coordinate the remote work of the IFT, is therefore now being reorganized. It seeks to:

  • promote exchanges and cooperation among the various Workshops and generate synergies between these simultaneous dynamics;

  • articulate all activities with the cross-sectional aspects of the process (methodology, internal and external communication, planning, etc.).

New methods and new periods for the facilitation of the forum have thus been adopted: a weekly editorial written by one of the participants to give an overview of her/ his activities; periodical summaries of the discussions; a more structured display of the information shared on the forum in a new section of the Alliance Web site (under construction) especially dedicated to the monitoring of the Assembly. The support team is in charge of the facilitation of the forum in its new version.

All persons wishing to join the IFT and to participate in its forum should be prepared to:

  • introduce themselves and explain their own commitments for the Assembly 2000-2001;

  • participate in the facilitation of the forum by writing editorials, participating in the discussion, taking advantage of the possible links among groups, etc.

If you wish to join the enlarged IFT and participate in the forum "equipo-alliance", please contact the facilitation team at:

The Support Team
Isabelle Decout, Juan Carlos Jorquera, Olivier Petitjean and Véronique Rioufol

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Support Team for the
2000-2001 Assembly

In June 2000, a four-person team was formed to assist in the implementation and follow-up of the 2000-2001 Assembly. It is intended to reinforce the articulation task conducted by the enlarged International Facilitation Team. This Support Team, the anchorage of which is in Paris, is made up of Isabelle Decout, Juan Jorquera, Olivier Petitjean, and Véronique Rioufol.

Its tasks are:

  • to reinforce the articulation between the different dynamics in operation and the legibility of the whole of the process, in particular by helping the smooth operations of the enlarged International Facilitation Team (through the moderation of the "equipo-alliance" e-forum), by promoting cross-Workshop research and exchanges, by facilitating information circulation, etc.;

  • to provide support and methodological advice to the Workshop coordinators for their contribution to the 2000-2001 Assembly process, in particular in view of drafting Proposal Files;

  • to help organize and set up Workshops that still need to be developed;

  • to create and update regularly the planning and follow-up tools needed to ensure good, on-schedule progress of the different aspects of the 2000-20001 Assembly process (the dynamics of the 3 Paths including Proposals Files and the continental June 2001 Assemblies; the Charter for a Responsible, Plural and United World; the world Assembly; the methodological and communication aspects).

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