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Number 6 August 2000

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Assembly 2000-2001

This dossier aims to offer an overall view of the Alliance 2000-2001 Assembly as it stands in August 2000. In includes two main parts:

  • The progress of the specific dynamics currently being developed by Workshops in the Geocultural, Topical, and Collegiate Paths, and the work on the Alliance's communication tools. This part also recalls the nature of the Paths and Workshops of the Alliance (see article).

  • A display of the way these different dynamics are articulated at the international level, including:

    • An overview of the 2000-2001 Assembly process (see article);
    • A look at the procedures and the main stages of the Assembly (see article);
    • A call to join the Alliance International Facilitation Team, in charge of monitoring the proper progress of the whole of the Assembly process (see article);
    • A description of the Suport Team set up to reinforce the articulation and follow-up of the Assesmbly (see article).

For information on the 2000-2001 Assembly, please contact:
Alliance International Facilitation Team
c/o FPH, 38 rue Saint-Sabin, 75011 Paris, France
Tel.: (33.1) - Fax: (33.1)
E-mail: - Web site:

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