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Number 6 August 2000

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Assembly 2000-2001
Procedures and Stages of the 2000-2001 Process

Every Path and every Workshop has its own history, methods, and time management. Nonetheless, as part of the Assembly, all Workshops will converge in 2000 and 2001 toward common subjects, objectives, methods, and one same calendar.

The course of a Workshop in the 2000-2001 Assembly can be described as follows:

A two-year process is scheduled from January 2000 to December 2001, consisting in:

  • In 2000, every group is to draw up the first draft of a "Proposals File." This text is then to be discussed and progressively enhanced over a period of several months within broader networks, and integrate the contributions of other Alliance Workshops and Paths. The discussion process is to take on a variety of forms: electronic forums, a world meeting of the Workshop, progress reports at public meetings of experts or Alliance meetings, discussion by the Proposals Files editorial committee, etc.

  • In June 2001, this whole dynamics will feed and be fed by the discussions and events that will be held in the framework of the continental Assemblies.

  • In September-October 2001, the Workshop will then be able to draw up a new, collectively enriched and approved version of its Proposals File in view of the December 2001 world Assembly.

Complementary to the development of Proposals Files, the Workshop will organize an international meeting, link up with other Alliance Workshops and new partners, publicize its thinking and circulate its results (Web-site display, media attention, networking).

Finally, for every Workshop, the Assembly is a time of exchange and sharing. Obviously, the Allies' contribution to the construction of a world that is fairer, more responsible and more united for this emerging century will not simply amount to producing Proposals Files, they will also give their full value to symbolic and artistic expression, intercultural dialogue, and mutual enrichment.

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diagram of 2001 Assembly process

drawing of people around the world

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