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After Mumbai

After Mumbai

World civil society is no longer the same following the WSF at Mumbai in India in January 2004, and whatever the case, the movement started by the first WSF at Porto Alegre has undergone radical change and become considerably stronger. Henceforth, Mumbai has its place on the civic agenda initiated at Seattle, though others may say that this agenda kicked off in South Africa with the fall of apartheid in 1994. Nelson Mandela’s speech broadcast during the closing ceremony stands out as a historic symbol. Now, when speaking of the Mumbai Social Forum, we shall recall a popular, dynamic event like no other in the short history of alternative world movements (...)

:: Articles ::

Mumbai 2004: Solidarity Economy Meets People’s Economy
:: Philippe Amouroux :: Françoise Wautiez :: April 2004 ::

A mother world is possible
:: Betsan Martin :: February 2004 ::

The challenge of moving ahead towards a new phase
:: Gustavo Marin :: January 2004 ::

The Top Ten Keywords of the WSF and the Main Keywords by Continents
:: Françoise Feugas :: January 2004 ::


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