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After Mumbai

After Mumbai

The Top Ten Keywords of the WSF and the Main Keywords by Continents

The following work is based on input provided by the online data base of the World Social Forum 2004.
The objective is not simply to provide a research tool for searching a database, but most importantly, to show the conceptual contents stemming from the self-organized activities.
These key words were grouped according to their semantic proximity and their domain. This produced “thematic packages” to which a title was given. There was no preconceived idea, no pre-established list nor any previous decision regarding the maximum number of “thematic packages.” The result is a list that can be read on two levels: themes/keywords.

Some maps are included in the analysis by continents.


Françoise Feugas
Administrator of the DPH data base, Chairwoman of
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After Mumbai

-The challenge of moving ahead towards a new phase
-A mother world is possible
-Mumbai 2004: Solidarity Economy Meets People’s Economy

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