“Workgroups” is the new overall category for what in the first phase of the Alliance was designated by : “Thematic Workshops”, now “Thematic Groups” ; “Socioprofessional Networks” ; and “Geocultural Groups.” In this section, you will find all currently and previously existing Alliance workgroups. Their status is indicated as : filed, cooking, or active (click here for further explanations on these statuses).

Feel free to contact the different facilitators or to refer a question to the alliance discussion list.

puce Thematic Groups
15 active workgroup(s) - 0 workgroups cooking - 20 filed workgroups

Thematic Workshops

puce Socioprofessional Networks
10 active workgroup(s) - 0 workgroups cooking - 8 filed workgroups

Socioprofessional Networks

puce Geocultural Groups
8 active workgroup(s) - 0 workgroups cooking - 3 filed workgroups

geocultural branch

Africa America Asia Europe

puce Alliance Forums
6 reports


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