To be able to organize a large number of cross-cultural and multilingual discussions and to allow international teams to work through the Internet in several languages with guaranteed results, the Alliance facilitation team set up, from the very start, an innovative methodology and the appropriate tools to make it happen. These tools and methods have enabled, and still do, rich and constructive discussions. The Alliance does not fund, for the moment, multilingual, international e-forums, but if you are interested in knowing about the tools and methods used for them, you may call on the Alliance communication team members at Infocom 21. Following is a selection of some of the international Internet-based debates organized by the Alliance.

Memories: Records of the Alliance’s Early Forums

Alliance forums began early: in 1996! In 1997, the Alliance conducted its first experiment in "remote participation" for the December 1997 World Alliance Assembly (Bertioga, Brazil; Algiers, Algeria; Bangalore, India; Roubaix, France; Kigali, Rwanda). After that, the first moderated, multilingual, structured forums were started ...

Pax Forum
(December 2001 - June 2002)

Building Peace: The Need to Understand, So We Can Act
An International Internet-based Debate on Peace Building

The September 11 attacks in 2001 forced many people around the world into deep questioning about the world we live in, our own, individual place in it, and what our actions can or cannot lead to. We wished to move beyond casting blame and denouncing inept leadership. We felt it was our individual and collective responsibility to take the time to understand, so we ould act now for lasting change and lasting peace.

First e-Forum on the Future of the Alliance
(February 2002 - June 2003)

From April to October 2005 and on an initiative of the FPH, which was both the initiator of the Alliance and its practically sole financial backer for ten years, Allies, their friends, and their partners were asked to look at the possibility of instituting a Charter for the Alliance. At the end of this consultation, the FPH judged, in light of the low participation in the consultation, that interest in the future of the Alliance was not high enough to warrant its continuing to back the Alliance financially as much as it had done up to that point. The Alliance now needs to find other financial resources for its continuation. At this time, it may be very interesting to browse through the very first e-debate among Allies on the Past and Future of the Alliance.

Forum for the Cross-evaluation of Proposals for a Responsible, Plural, and United World
(October 2002 - July 2003)

Before the summer of 2002, the team of Nova, Barcelona Center for Social Innovation, responded to the Call for FPH Initiatives with the proposal to undertake a collective process for the reading and cross-evaluation of the “Proposal Papers” and the “Breakthroughs” published in 2001, in order to produce a consensual analytical summary. The knowledge and evaluation of the proposals undertaken to date by the Allies would be fundamental for its new stage and for introducing it to other alliances and forums such as the Social Forums – World and European – or that of Barcelona 2004.

Forum to Build a Proposal for a World Parliament for the Twenty-first Century
(October 2002 - October 2003)

In our present times of globalization a whole set of problems involving the entire planet is being put on the table. We are facing these problems but have not yet been able to find common answers. Both the selfishness of some and the indifference of many allows, among other disasters, extreme poverty to coexist with opulence, wars to kill millions of persons, the environment to react in the form of unpredictable disasters, individualism to lead people to shirk their responsibilities and hypnotize them with false consumption paradises.

Alliance 21: Making Another World Possible
(April 2003)

Evaluations, Visions, Proposals, and Projects
Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World


Active Forums in English


The Alliance forum is an open forum for all Allies as well as non Allies wishing to circulate information that may be of interest to all or to start up informal discussions among persons pursuing similar objectives. It accepts messages in any language and is neither moderated nor translated. Anyone can sign up. Feel free and welcome to do so!


This forum is open to define and harmonize Alliance terminology in French, English, and Spanish in agreement with what Allies around the world deem to be the best way to express the concepts such that they are immediately comprehensible in each language. It is open to anyone interested in language issues, whatever language they speak. Please sign up!


This forum is open for an international work group facilitating the dissemination and promotion of the Charter of Human Responsibilities. Dissemination and promotion of this text both at the international level and at local levels, in all social and professional circles is intended as a pretext (and a pre-text) for a debate on responsibility leading to ownership of its content in specific contexts. If you would like to join us for this work, sign up here.


This mailing list is designed exclusively to provide brief information on the activities of Alliance 21 in three languages: English, French and Spanish. Its postings are occasional, determined by the needs of Alliance 21 activities.

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