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Women are increasingly affirming themselves as unavoidable players of their society. Their take on the private or public sphere brings specific and critical points of view in different areas (sciences, philosophy, politics, ethics, culture, environment, etc.).

Within this network, women try at the same time to understand the reasons of their marginalization and to develop their own vision of what tomorrow's world should be. With longstanding experience in self-organization and in networking, women all over the world (as per the perspectives developed by the feminist movement) represent a true source for proposals.

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puce Armed Conflict in Burundi : Experience as a woman - Marie-Louise SIBAZURI -
puce Women’s March Against Epizootic Ulcerative Symptom - M.G. INDU -
puce Women in Transient Fishing Villages of West Bengal -2- - Nalini NAYAK -
puce Italian women against the mafia - Rita BORSELLINO -
puce Columbian feminists and the combat against violence - Andrée MICHEL -
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:: Nadia Leila Aïssaoui :: Janine Mossuz-Lavau :: Djamila TELLIA :: September 2002 ::

Deconstructing the patriarchal model (Caravan) :: September 2002 ::


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