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  • A woman in the Train for Beijing…
    Nadia-Leïla Aïssaoui
    01 December 1995
    In October 94, a group of women created an association to join Beijing by train to take part to the conference of the United Nations and the Forum of NGOs. A journey of 12 days through Europe and Asia during which continuous discussions made it possible to Nadia-Leïla Aïssaoui to seize the state of the women movement.
  • Frenchwomen and politics
    Janine Mossuz-Lavau (Directrice de recherche au CEVIPOF)
    01 December 1999
    In France, women obtained the voting right and the right of eligibility only in 1944. More than fifty years afterwards, if one tries to analyse this exercise of the citizenship, one must admit that it is strongly contrasted: positive concerning the vote, rather negative for eligibility.
  • Report of the international conference: Women, science and technology for a sustainable development. Cape Town (South Africa). 8th to 11th February, 1999.
    Djamila TELLIA
    01 February 1999
    With the invitation of the Foundation for the Development of the Research and the department of culture, science and technology (South Africa), the Third World Organization for the women in science (TWOWS) organized an international conference which was taken place with UCT (University of Cape Town) in South Africa from the 8th to 10th of February. TWOWS gathers more than two thousand members for the promotion of the role of the woman from the scientific and technological circle, in the action for the development of the Third World.
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    Nadia Leïla AISSAOUI
    11 February 1999
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Djamila TELLIA
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