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Business Leaders and Executives

Business Leaders and Executives

Companies, notably the largest, are seen from the outside as being among the most powerful actors of the present world, so the attitude of entrepreneurs and that of the outside world toward them is ambivalent: source of all wealth or responsible for all the calamities overwhelming the planet.

Far from this Manichaeanism, the socioprofessional network of entrepreneurs and company executives aims at elaborating ways of thinking that are lucid, rigorous and prospective on the social responsibility of companies and the main challenges of the present world in order to contribute actively to the thinking of the Alliance as a whole.

The French socioprofessional network Business Leaders and Executives defined two main lines of work:
- to formulate, on the basis of the five principles of the Charter for a plural, responsible and united world, a code of conduct for business leaders and executives that takes into account the specificity of their context, i.e., with consideration that strict, moral rhetoric does not suit the world of business, the main objective of which remains production of goods. This code of conduct is drawn up in the spirit of jointly profitable "win-win" stages that have already been experimented. It provides many examples that demonstrate that widening the scope of concerns as well as the network of company partners is possible and interesting for many reasons:
- to formulate proposals in two fields implying major mutations in the next years: sustainable development and biotechnologies, while privileging thinking on the concrete ways in which those enterprises could take into account the ethical concerns related to these two issues.

To participate or for further information on the activity of this workgroup, please contact the facilitator closest to your region.

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