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For several years, small-scale farmers have mobilized themselves to exchange, think together, formulate strategies and elements for local, national or international proposals on different major challenges: land reform, agriculture and the environment, biodiversity, GMOs, role of farmers and indigenous organizations, regional integration, food security, WTO and market regulation.

They have done it within the Family Farming, societies and Globalization program (APM), but also within national and international farmers organizations they have built.

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:: Articles ::

When Peruvian Farmers Take the Initiative: The Project to Divert the Water of the River Arma
:: Jean-Christophe CARRAU :: September 1995 ::

Toughts on Social and Solidarity Economy from the point of view of the Tradicional Agriculture and its Organisations
:: Jacques Berthomé :: October 2005 ::

World Forum on Food Sovereignty
:: Pierre William Johnson :: Pierre Vuarin :: September 2001 ::

The European rural world and sustainability
:: Mathieu Calame :: Philippe Cacciabue :: September 2000 ::

Restoring the Terraces in Saba
:: Larbi Bouguerra :: February 1992 ::

Agriculture at any price? Saudi Arabia privileges agriculture to the detriment of its water reserves
:: Angélique KHALED :: October 1995 ::


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