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Young People

Young People

The Youth Workshop is a collective international network created to identify and react to the challenges the young people are confronted to in the whole world. On the struggle against injustice, the exchange of innovating ideas and points of view that can contribute to the positive and sustainable change in our societies, the Youth Workshop strives to give a support and encourage young people to talk by themselves. The Youth Workshop is founded on only one premisse - that young people have a great force and will to bring changes and that to accomplish it they must benefit from the possibility to play an important part in the creation of better life conditions for themselves, their communities and society in general.

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:: Articles ::

Experience of Telephone of Trust
:: Elena Vybornova :: March 2007 ::

Youth mobilisation for self-reliance in East and Southern Africa
:: Abel Isoh :: March 2007 ::

International Youth Parliament
:: Véronique Rioufol :: Dudu Rombauer :: Rajendra Mulmi :: September 2002 ::

The Asian Youth Assembly :: September 2002 ::

First Meeting of the Young Committed People in the Building of a New Society :: September 2001 ::

Comunità e quartiere : cultural projects for young people - progetti culturali per i giovani
:: Innovations et Réseaux pour le Développement :: June 1993 ::

Valle Verde: job opportunities for disabled and young people :: June 1993 ::

Il Glicine: ecological work and job opportunities for young people
:: Luca Davico :: June 1993 ::


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