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Young People

Young People

Comunità e quartiere : cultural projects for young people - progetti culturali per i giovani

Comunita' e Quartiere was founded in 1981. Its original members have trained with Firas, a Catholic training centre for educators. They joined forces with a group of active people promoting social projects within the Parella (Turio)local community.
At present, Comunita' e Quartiere has a staff of 4 educators working 36 hours a week and one educator working 26 hours a week. They are all members of the cooperative along with 13 other people. The main objectives are: to promote educational projects; to stimulate voluntary work to integrate underprivileged people; to open and strengthen services for young people. Comunita' e Quartiere tries to involve young people directly in the planning and decision making process concerning future activities and to employ them in working projects when it is possible.
Its main partner is the local municipality (Comune and IV Circoscrizione). It also cooperates with local training centres for educators and the Union of Cooperatives.
It holds frequent meetings for its members where they can also debate the minutes of the Board of Directors.
It has an overall budget of 380.000.000 It. Lire (around 253,000 US $). The financial situation is considered to be at a positive stage having recovered from past difficulties (1990)due to the narrow range of services offered which are now more diversified. New difficulties may come from the local municipality which is investing less money and opting for low budget projects in the field of social work. This has stimulated a network of groups and cooperatives with similar projects at city level. Since 1993 the workers employed by Comunita' e Quartiere have a salary of around 1.400.000 It. Lire (around 1.000 US $)in accordance with the national standard of social cooperative workers. Comunita' e Quartiere is also paying an external staff of two to take care of financial management. It is seeking exchange of information with similar projects.


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Young People

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