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Environmental Education

Environmental Education

Environmental Education, through its very essence - the relationship between the environment and society - is closely linked with other aspects of contemporary education, particularly consumer education, health, safety, demography, development, peace and human rights education.

Workshop Presentation

Why should we educate for the environment?

In order to ensure that people and social groups can participate in the decision-making process concerning environmental issues, which affect their everyday lives. In that way, Environmental Education cannot be dissociated from the project of building a democratic society. Its specificity resides principally in its concern to fight against and prevent environmental problems and reasonably administer the use of resources. It becomes then an Education for the Environment, a position that clearly indicates the commitment in citizen action. In the Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World, the reflection on environmental education is led by the "International Network of Environmental Education - Polis". Coordinated from Greece, Polis is a non-profit organization, aiming to promote research, training, and information exchange concerning Environmental Education. Polis has established, since 1994, contacts and collaboration relationships with people and organizations, active in the field of education and communication related to environment, in about sixty countries. Activities Its principal activities are: the publication of the bulletin Dialogues for Environmental Education (thirteen issues published up to now, in English and in French); the edition of books and brochures; the facilitation of contacts among people and organizations at the international level; information services offered to its members, on projects, methodology, bibliography, teaching aids, etc.; the participation in research and training projects supported by the European Union.

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