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Hamilton Faria

Web Site: World Network of Artists in Alliance

Brazilian poet. Co-founder of the Instituto Pólis and member of the Council of Coordinators. I also coordinate the area of Cultural Development. Sociologist and professor at the University of Plastic Arts, FAAP, S. Paulo. Executive secretary of the Fórum Intermunicipal de Cultura (FIC). In the Alliance, He was one of the two founders of the Grupo S. Paulo. He is facilitator of the World Network of Artists in the Alliance. He participates in the Regional Coordination Committee of the Charter of Human Responsibilities.


Has published on this Web site ...

- Art and Cultural Identity in the Construction of a Cooperative World - February 2007

- Proposal Paper - March 2006

- Proposal for Street Dialogues around the World, in Parallel to the WSF 2005 - November 2004

- Sharing Art As an Alternative to Merchandizing - October 2004

- The Barcelona Meeting - The Future of the Alliance - July 2003

- Art and Cultural Identity in Building a United World - October 2001

- Development through Art - December 1998

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