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Proposal for Street Dialogues around the World, in Parallel to the WSF 2005

Hello, friends of the Alliance,

We invite all Allies and friends who are not going to the WSF 2005 to also organize “street conversations.”
Great idea “The planned cross-Terrain ’ street conversation’ activity" has inspired those who are not going to Porto Alegre.

The idea is to plan street dialogues at the same time in several other places of the world, in connection with the Porto Alegre dialogues, through the Internet. It is possible also to design a connection through the Internet (skype) with the Global Village. We are searching for participants from around the world. We request especially the participation of those are already implanted as voluntary activists (participation of inhabitants) in their communities.

Please, state your interest now, to constitute a small group of facilitators preparing the action for January through the Internet. Starting from the work of a first initial group, we can have as objectives:

1 - to organize a “dialogue” with a group of inhabitants in each part of the world on the same topic, which could be the “participation of inhabitants: reality? possibility? what does it consist in? what is its purpose?" or something of the kind.

2 - to organize it in a public place that has possibility of an Internet connection, with groups of inhabitants in the different places who will be able to share at that moment with the other groups in the world, Porto Alegre and/or others, through a mediator/facilitator and possibilities of translation ... perhaps with a “chat” program, but the best modalities will be determined together previously, beginning as soon as possible within a constituted group.

All those interested please contact Isis de Palma and Hamilton Faria, facilitators of the Street Conversations in Porto Alegre



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  • Citizens Action: An Example of a New Political Practice
    Cândido Grzybowski (IBase, Brésil), Tania Pacheco (Brésil)
    03 November 1998
    This document offers a first capitalization of the Campaign Citizens Action against hunger, poverty, and for life. This campaign was conducted in Brazil from 1993 to 1996 by several associations, grassroots organisations, churches, trade unions, etc. The campaign was very popular. The document shows the main steps and forms of action of the campaign and offers a critical evaluation.
  • Cross-cultural Dialogue for Common Action, Beijing, February 27, 2003
    Catherine Guernier, Michel Sauquet (FPH), Catherine Guernier (Alliance des éditeurs independants), Michel SAUQUET (Alliance des Editeurs Independants)
    27 February 2003

    This text considers the complexity of the challenge to live in peace in a world of diversity, and the way whose FPH integrates the factor of cultural diversity on a world level in its work

    (lightly-edited machine translation)

  • Experience Reports of the New Information and Communication Technology Workshop
    Olivier Petitjean
    01 May 1998
    This report, mostly constituted of documents extracted from the data base of Dialogues for the Progress of Humanity (DPH), aims to understand the different stakes involved in the NICT and to seek a few leads: to gain influence on a worldwide scale, to democratize communication, to work in networks.
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    Olivier Petitjean
    13 December 2003
    This document was drawn up on the basis of the the documents compiled for a meeting of the Alliance Workshop "Political Renewal," held in Brussels in 1998 on the theme of citizens conferences. Other Experience Reports from the DPH (Dialogue for the Progress of Humanity) data base have been added.


Hamilton Faria
Brazilian poet. Co-founder of the Instituto (...)
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Isis de Palma
Coordinator of the Regional facilitation (...)
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