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A cross-cultural and multilingual contribution to the Elaboration of an Alliance Charter

The elaboration of this text has the originality of taking cultural diversity into consideration so as to not be limited to a merely Western outlook.

This report describes the process applied at the Syros workshop: the aim of this workshop was to find a consensus on six common principles, their content, and the means for the implementation, which would be relevant in all cultural contexts, of the Alliance Charter.

This process started out the principle that the time came to go beyond the classic ways to write single texts for an international use, and that it is necessary to imagine this gender of texts on the contrary in different cultural contexts, in order to enrich them of a non-western perspective.

The six stated principles were the next one: dignity, solidarity, diversity, equality, peace, responsibility,. The result of this workshop constitutes one of the numerous contributions to the writing of the Charter of the Alliance, of which a project of text has been submitted to the assembly of the December 2001 Alliance thereafter.


Introduction: From Naxos to Syros

1. Process


Objective and working method

2. The Alliance and its Charter

The movement and its name

Charter proposal of February 2000

3. Divergences and convergence

Main concerns in the different contexts

Driving principles in the different contexts

A uniting principle



Edith Sizoo
Coordinator of the International Facilitation (...)
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