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Capitalizing the Different Charters and the Intercultural Issue 1992-2002

This document deals with the developments involved in writing the Platform for a Responsible and United World and then the Charter of Human Responsibilities.

This document was written in the framework of the capitalization of the FPH Future of the Planet program in 2002-03. It traces the evolution of work involved in writing the Platform for a Responsible and United World, then the Charter of Human Responsibilities.

This work involved 4 stages:

- the period during which the Platform was written and circulated by the Alliance;

- the moment when work on the Platform was dropped and it was decided to work on the Earth Charter as a result of discussions at the translators' meeting in Naxos (1998);

- discussions on the specifications for writing Earth Charter and reorientation of the thinking toward the theme of responsibility after the Syros meeting (2000);

- finally, work on a proposal for a Charter of Human Responsibilities in Lille (2001).

A theme-based analysis of this capitalization was completed, leading to at least three main directions:

- the text should be of a nature to become a third pillar in international life (Earth Charter, then Charter of Human Responsibilities);

- specific discussions on translations and adaptation possibilities for the ideas and principles set out in the text, in different languages and cultural settings;

- emergence of the cross-cultural issue and cross-cultural methods as a specific area of discussion and intervention.

This document offers an in-depth analysis, with a philosophical and linguistic perspective on the work of the Alliance, in particular regarding the concepts of universalism, individualism, and relativism, as well as ethical issues and the problems related to responsibility.



David Beytelmann
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