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Civil society and GMOs: What Strategies Should be Applied Internationally?

Published in August 2001

Since the introduction into the market of GMOs in 1996, the polemic between opponents and partisans has been feeding the international debate, as much on the effects of GMOs in the nutritional domain as on those in the biotechnological and environmental ones.

Whereas the first argue that this biotechnological revolution will make it possible to save humanity from malnutrition and certain diseases while protecting the planet from environmental deteriorations, according to opponents, GMOs expose the planet and humanity, on the contrary, to uncontrolled food risks, loss of famers' autonomy, loss of biodiversity, etc. This document provides a summary of the present terms of the debate. Facing this long-term world stake, it presents a certain number of proposals by civil society, analyzes the conditions of their application, and the strategies to reach them. Japanese version: http://www2.odn.ne.jp/~cdu37690/

Coordinated by ...

- Frédéric Prat

Développement de travaux dans le champ de la diffusion et information sur l’agriculture organique, organismes génétiquement modifiés, la responsabilité des scientifiques, la définition du progrès et le principe de précaution. A participé au chantier "Biodiversité" de l’Alliance pour un Monde Responsable, Pluriel et Solidaire.

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Topics Included

biodiversity . civil society . GMO . science and technology control . world

Workgroup Papers

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Go ! Civil society and GMOs: What Strategies Should be Applied Internationally?
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Go ! People’s Right to Feed Themselves and Achieve Food Sovereignty
Go ! Proposals on Food Security
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