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Arian's thread
Arian's thread

America and Asia Join Europe

June 20th, 2001

Of the five Continental Meetings, three have already begun their search for solutions to continental and global issues.

The European Meeting is pursuing its dialogue in Rumania. Maxime Laplante, the messenger from America at this meeting, has observed that in spite of the differences in the situations of the rural worlds in Western and Eastern Europe, they have in common the determination to protect rural diversity and to avoid the toxic effects of industrial farming.

Groups working on migration are considering a gradual opening of borders to relieve migrants’ unfortunate working situations and the division of their families, as well as the need to address the very causes of displacement of many people to the Old Continent.

But Europe is not the only place where this is happening. As of yesterday, America is hosting in Quito (Ecuador) 80 native Indians, union leaders, and members of alternative movements from all over the continent to build common horizons collectively. The Asians started their Continental Meeting in the Fireflies Ashram, near Bangalore, India.

Véronique Rioufol and Claire Launay, European messengers at the African Meeting, explain that, after its year-long journey across the African continent, the African Caravan for Peace and Solidarity is ending in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), a key country in the peace process of the Great Lakes Region. There, the Caravan will join the African Continental Meeting that begins tomorrow for peace, solidarity, and African reconstruction. The meeting will consider its work from the angles of governance, the economy, values, and culture.

Along with Africa, the Arab World Meeting will begin tomorrow in Lebanon. Five meetings, symbolizing the union of a global citizenship.

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