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Arian's thread
Arian's thread

Citizens of All Countries, Unite!

June 19th, 2001

Rumania is still weaving links among people of different cultures who have a common destiny to build. They are eager to connect with the other Continental Meetings so they may expand their dialogue into a great global fabric.

As highlighted by Maxime Laplante, the messenger from America at the European Meeting, the meeting features a strong representation from countries that do not belong to the European Union. Because this is all about a process of change in the East as well as in the West in the construction of a different Europe.

Frontiers will either fall or they will move: Citizens of all countries, unite! A single voice emerges from Rumania to work for humankind in action and in dignity. This is the new social purpose. Innocent Muhozi, the eyes and ears of his African brothers at the European Meeting, highlights his determination to leave the meeting with proposals for concrete actions to materialize this united, plural, and responsible citizenship. Small steps for the progress of a great project are being taken.

So let us continue, together, building participatory citizenship. Perhaps even beyond the Alliance itself: Gustavo Marín, Head of the Future of the Planet Programme at the FPH-Paris, has announced that the articulation of these five simultaneous continental meetings has become a reference for the plan to globalize the World Social Forum, which is to be organized in 2003 in the form of several continental forums, which will thus be able to express a new way of building a world citizenship that is up to meeting the challenges of the present globalization.

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