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Arian's thread
Arian's thread

Building a More
Responsible, Plural, and United World from the Continents

June 17th, 2001

Five continental meetings (in Ecuador, Tanzania, Lebanon, Rumania, and India) and a caravan of Asian youths already on the road are the culmination of a thinking and action process that began nearly ten years ago. Different cultural realities but a common determination: to elaborate new forms of collective action to weigh as whole on the future of an increasingly complex world and to go on building, together, a more responsible, more plural, and more united world.

"Youth Crossing Boundaries." From June 3 to 10, youth activists from more than twenty Asian countries took part in a Continental Caravan to demonstrate the active participation of young people in the construction of society and their vital need to work for democracy and freedom.

In addition, India will the be the cradle of Asia-Pacific from June 19 to 23. The global trend threatening life on our planet requires a strong and credible vision that is able to summon all citizens. A form of spirituality that bonds human beings as one with the biosphere ("Earth spirituality").

The peoples of America are also building a common dream. At about the same dates, Quito (Ecuador) will host about eighty men and women from different places and backgrounds to seek collective alternatives to the present models of the world, society, and the human being, by joining forces and experiences from the Tierra del Fuego to Canada.

The Peles Castle, in Rumania, will gather one hundred and fifty Europeans from forty countries for a participatory, intercultural, sustainable Europe in solidarity. They will be giving concrete responses to four key European challenges: governance, work, migration, and the rural world.

In Africa, the African Caravan for Peace and Solidarity has traveled the continent for a whole year to highlight the main challenges that Africa must face and to strengthen bonds among African regions. From June 20 to 26, Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) is the place that will host the Continental Meeting for Africa.

Finally, the Meeting in Lebanon, which will represent the Arab World from June 21 to 24, will culminate in a declaration for the Arab world for solidarity and universal progress.

From the different continents, weaving a planet where everyone can live.

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