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Number 7 December 2000

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drawing of man sitting on earth reading scroll

From Readers

Then... and now

A philosophy of time
Helps in coping with... our time,
Time that is given to us
To accomplish our life.

In the past, time was perceived
To be in tune with nature, the sun and seasons.
Today, time is managed
Through... computers, studies, sessions.

Integrated time... to life
Unfolded body and mind.
Programmed time... cannot
Torn men with life bind.

We lived with time,
Dazzled by tasks accomplished.
We run after time,
Exhausted, and souls take wings.

Life... liked time,
That rolled by, letting joy bloom.
Life...strays from time
That slips away to breed fear.

We lived love,
Enthralling the body and mind.
We program love,
Tearing the quartered being.

We made the most of time
Offered by life.
We spend all our time
To know where to look for it

Now time pursues me.
I run... I run,
In the social forest,
Tired, exhausted.


I observe time passing by,
And let all the time needed
Come towards me
So that I fulfil myself sanely.

Time... is it not a delusion
That makes us clip our wings
In the mirror of our conscience,
Where time is reflected.

Time... is this space
Between me and my projects,
When I act... and assume my life.
I feel good in its presence.

To like time that goes by,
Is to delight in its presence.
To be nostalgic about time gone,
Is living next to it.

The quality invested in acts
Accomplished in serenity
Makes us perceive time
As a gift from the sky.

Attached to nature
Time is my ally.
Detached from my internal resources,
It is seen as my enemy.

Time that is won
Brings relaxation, concentration, joy.
Time that is understood
Guarantees a fulfilling life.

Serge Lapisse

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