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Number 7 December 2000

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Past Issues

N°1--India (September 1998)
Soils & Spirituality

N°2--Philippines (December 1998)
Socio-Economy in solidarity & Cities

N°3--Kenya (May 1999)
Biodiversity & Interculturel dialogue

N°4--Algeria (October 1999)
Earth Charter & Fisherfolks

N°5--Mexico (April 2000)
Relations Man-Woman

N°6--North America (August 2000)
Global Governance

N°7--Catalunya (December 2000)
Sustainable Tourism


drawing of Africans lifting Earth CharterNow printed every four months in three languages (French, English and Spanish), the mission of Caravan is to keep its readers informed about the global dynamics of the Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World. In each issue, we focus more specifically on one region and on one or two themes, striving to report on innovative ideas and experiences world-wide which contribute to a more responsible, plural and united world.

In order to do this, Caravan is moving from one place to another in order to unveil the richness of local initiatives and to incite intercultural exchanges. Each of our voyages is also an opportunity to work closely with local artists who share their visions of a better world with us through the universal language of art. The artworks prepared for the Caravan covers, as well as inner illustrations, are indeed original creations (at the exception of the cover artworks of the current issue graciously provided by Master Abelló).

Caravan is supported by the Foundation Charles Léopold Mayer for the Progress of Humankind and an increasing number of readers through the association Caravane (address: 99 rue Louis Bectard, 77360 Vaires sur Marne, France).

C/ Cervantes 24, 08290 Cerdanyola del Vallès (Barcelona), Spain
Tel: (34) 93.580.0143

Coordinator of the editorial team: Philippe Guirlet

Coordinator (spanish language version): Agustí Nicolau Coll

Administrative Assistant: Sylvie Payette

Deputy Editors for this issue: Dora Valayer (Report on Tourism) & Sylvie Payette (Catalunya)

Correspondents: Aurelien C. Atidegla (Benin): / Anil Bhattarai (Nepal): / Mira Chalal (Algeria): / Kerry Ann Cochrane (Quebec): / Pierre Johnson (France): / Agusti Nicolau Coll (Catalunia): / Michael Ochieng' (Kenya): / Pradeep Sebastian (India): / Yu Shuo (France-China): / Tijana Zivanovic (France-Yugoslavia):

Advisers to the editorial team: Joan Ramon Gordo (Catalunia): / Mounir Bencharif (Algéria): / Gustavo Marin (France-Chile): / Eulalia Flor (Ecuador): / Siddhartha (India):

Pool Translators (French <---> English <---> Spanish): Kerry Ann Cochrane, Rafa Crespo, Juan Antonio Herrero Díez, Annie Mathews, Agustí Nicolau Coll, Sylvie Payette, Vijaya Rao.

Original cover painting and illustrations: Joan Abelló (Catalunya)
Illustrations of pages 2 to 23: Mohamed Guesmia 'Gues' (Algeria)

Printed by: Foli Verd (Barcelona)
Composition by: Philippe Guirlet (Barcelona)

ISSN 1607-0208
N° legal deposit: B-27204-2000
Price: 4 € (euros)
Free for the partners of the Alliance

Printed on ecological and recycled paper

Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World

In 1988, a group of nine persons launched, with the backing of the Foundation Charles Léopold Mayer for the Progress of Humankind, the Vézelay Call, stating that to manage the major technological dangers derived from nuclear science, biotechnology and ozone depletion, we must obtain a worldwide consensus that will guarantee that the Earth's equilibria and the conservation of life are respected. To this end, they proposed to organize a vast process on a worldwide scale to participate in the quest for references, values, and rules that might allow us to meet the new challenges successfully. By opening up to other spaces, themes and cultures, it led to the drafting in 1994 of the Platform for a Responsible and United World and the launching of the Alliance.

The Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World is a worldwide collective process inspired by a humanist ideal now gathering more than 2500 individuals and organizations from 120 countries. It has taken up the challenge of building a future where people live in a world of unity and diversity. To achieve this ambition, the Alliance has defined three main forms of work groups. There are Local Groups intended to bring Allies together within a city, a region, or a country on the basis of their specific realities and issues. There are Socioprofessional Colleges designed to stimulate discussion and involvement within a given profession or circle (youth, farmers, scientists, etc.). Finally, there are Topical Workshops aiming to develop international professional networks around issues affecting our future (water management, changes in industrial systems, political renewal, socio-economy in solidarity, intercultural dialogue, etc.).

The Alliance is now launching the 2000-2001 Assembly for a Responsible, Plural and United World as a way to bring together the men and women contributing to the effort at making global changes. They will be messengers, carrying with them specific proposals for dealing with the challenges we are facing in building a sustainable future for the planet. The 2000-2001 process also involves the collective drafting of a Charter for a Responsible, Plural and United world.

For more information, please contact:
International Facilitation Team of the Alliance
C/o FPH, 38 rue Saint Sabin, 75011 Paris, France
Tel: (33.1) - Fax: (33.1)
E-mail: - Website:

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