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globe logo     Caravan: Newsletter of the Alliance for a Responsible and United World
Number 3 May 1999

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Founding the CARAVAN Association in France

Caravan, the newsletter of the Alliance for a responsible and united world, is being published since last September by the international editorial team with funds granted by the Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation for the progress of humankind (FPH, Switzerland). The annual budget is 225,000 FF, which enables us to publish Caravan every four months and send it to all the allies (3000 copies). Three issues are planned for 1999, and the year 2000. Each issue will be prepared from a different country with the collaboration of a local artist.

The first two issues of Caravan have been a great success and we have received a number of letters from partners all over the world who wish to regularly receive a copy of Caravan. Unfortunately our budget does not allow us to print more copies, neither does it enable us to adequately remunerate our correspondents and artists who participate in this adventure. We would also like to make and sell posters/post cards based on work done by artists, for Caravan. The proceeds will be used for the artists and for self-financing.

Today we are making an appeal to all the allies who would like to participate in the development of Caravan. For this purpose we have founded an association in France whose aim is to ensure the continuation of this adventure by bringing adequate means and by contributing to the development of the Alliance through a wider distribution of Caravan, especially to partners who do not have any other means of information. Kindly contact us at the address given below for further information.

Association CARAVANE
99 Rue Louis Bectard, 77360 Vaires sur Marne, FRANCE

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