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globe logo     Caravan: Newsletter of the Alliance for a Responsible and United World
Number 3 May 1999

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Editing a newsletter is not an easy task. Space and printing constraints sometimes make it necessary to make difficult decisions and to leave out certain articles. For the same reason, we cannot publish all of the messages of encouragement that we have received. The support received through these correspondences is nonetheless essential. We would like to thank the authors of such messages here:

Santikkaro Bhikku (Thailand), Eric Missaut & Ivy Janin (France), Teodoro Barros (Ecuador), Ouédraogo Mohamed (Gabon), Ivan Stepanenko (Ukraine), L.J. Klaasen Ouborg (Netherlands), Noël Cannat (France), Jacques Bertrand (Canada), Ann Kinara (Kenya), Marina Urquidi (France), Odalie Adiao Garcia (Philippines), Marc & Gwénaële Bonnet (France), Yves Cailloce (France), Sureshwar D. Sinha (India), Vinaya Chaitanya (India), Joël Gendreau (France), Lavinia Sommaruga (Italia), Jean Philippe & Suzan Vos (France), Claudine Drion (Belgium), Jean Michel Bain Cornu (France), Jaya Graves (England), José & Jacqueline Guirlet (France), Djamila Tellia (France), Rajendra Nautiyal (India), Jean Charles Poutchy Tixier (France), Alexander Gevrenov (Bulgaria), Thierry Gaudin (France), Sophie Nick (Portugal), Roger Louis Junod (France), Balamurali Krishna (India), Mariette Gerber (France), C. Léonide (France), Alok Ulfat (India), Daniel Brabis (France), Yves de Morsier (Switzerland), Pierre Sicard (France), Hermila Figueiredo (Brazil), Annick Ollitraut Bernard (France), Bob Brac de la Perrière (France), K.B. Jinan (India).

‘Caravan’ is the Newsletter of the Alliance for a responsible and united world.
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Published by the International Editorial Team
coordinated by Philippe Guirlet

111-2 Rajpur Road, 248.001 Dehra Dun (U.P), India
Tel/Fax: 91-135-741.098 - E-mail:

Assistant Editors for this issue
Carine Pionetti (Biodiversity)
Agusti Nicolau Coll (International Dialogue)

Agusti Nicolau & Joan Ramon Gordo, Centre per a la Innovacis Social / EcoConcern, Apt. Correus 145, 08290 Cerdanyola del Vallhs, Catalunya – SPAIN. Tel: 34-93-586 6019; Fax 34-93-586 6001; E-mail: (Agusti); E-mail: (Mon) / Mira Chalal, Cedoc-Ed, 3 rue Omar Bencheikh, Alger- ALGERIA. Tel: 213-2- 79.76.26; Fax: 213-2- 30.24.15; E-mail: / Michael Ochieng’, P.O. Box 8034, Nairobi – KENYA. Tel: 0254-2-560.385; Fax: 0254-2-567.175; E-mail: / Manola Rauss, Fondation Charles Léopold Mayer-fph, 38 rue Saint Sabin, 75011 Paris – FRANCE. Tel: 33-(0)1-; Fax: 33-(0)1-; E-mail: / Aurelien C. Atidegla, GRAPAD, 04 BP 1119, Cotonou – BENIN. Tel: 229-32.48.83; Fax: 229-32.01.72; E-mail: / Simron Jit Singh, 111-2 Rajpur Road, 248.001 Dehra Dun, (U.P) INDIA; E-mail: / Kerry Ann Cochrane, 7056, Avenue Champagneur, Montréal (Québec) H3N 2J5, CANADA. Tel: 0514-272.1641; Fax: 514-272.5008; E-mail: / Pierre Johnson, Estatal de Productores de cafe de Oaxaca, Colonia reforma, 708, H. Focuela Naval Militar, 68050 Oaxaca, MEXIQUE. Tel: 52-951-353 .92; E-mail: / Anil Bhattarai, PO Box 4555, Kathmandu – NEPAL. E-mail: / Pradeep Sebastian, Pipal Tree, # 188, 5th ‘B’ Cross, Domlur Layout, Domlur, Bangalore - 560.071, INDIA. Tel: 91-80-551.1756; Fax: 91-80-555.1086; E-mail:

Advisers to the Editorial Team
Thierry Brésillon, E-mail: / Ricardo Gomez, / Gustavo Marin, E-mail: / Eulalia Flor, E-mail: / Siddhartha, E-mail:

Technical and Artistic Team
Sarfaraz Khan: Technical in charge & illustrator
Arvind Mohannegi: Technical assistant & Portraitist
Vijaya Rao & Kerry Ann Cochrane: Translators (French--English)

Artist of the issue (Original Cover Painting and captions): John Kariru (Kenya)

Printed by Vikalp Printers (Dehra Dun, India)
Hand made paper supplied by ‘The Living Tree’ (Dehra Dun, India)

Twenty two copies of this Newsletter printed on hand made paper made of recycled fabrics save one tree

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