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Alliance Histories

- My History of the Alliance (Asia-Pacific) - by Siddhartha
Its amazing how the Alliance changed my life! By 1996 I had begun to believe that my life was grinding to purposelessness. It was time to take early retirement. And then I discovered the Alliance and everything changed. Once again I found the energies and the idealism I experienced when I was in my twenties. I am now fifty-three and some of my friends are puzzled at my enthusiasm and (...)

- A Short History of the Alliance - by Pierre Calame
Forewarning 1986 - 2001 – This history of the Alliance covers nearly fifteen years and two periods: 1986-1993, which preceded the birth of the Alliance, and 1994-2001, which constitutes the first cycle of its existence. An alliance is made up of many different kinds of initiatives and every Ally has his or her own history. This is therefore just an account that presents the beacons that led (...)



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