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The Alliance in Africa aims to take on the challenges the continent is facing, while recovering the best of African values and history. Among those challenges, peace is paramount. The latest initiative in the continent is the African Caravan for Peace and Solidarity.

African Allies are also involved in the defense of family farming, soils, education, communication, and other areas. They also contribute to the Alliance debate and to the discussions on a Charter for a Responsible, Plural and United World, on governance, on gender relationships and other topics.

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- West Africa

Other Networks

--- Action for an Equitable, Integrated and Durable Development (ADEID)

Contribute to the development to be it on all its dimensions and to the emergence of a collective vision for the durable improvement of the living conditions of the rural and urban populations.

--- Alternatives Forum Morocco

The “forum of the Morocco Alternatives” has a first role to contribute to set up a social movement democratic, citizen, extremely and autonomous. It is defined as an association of defense and promotion of economic , political, social, civic and cultural rights of the groups and individuals, without racial, ethnic, linguistic, religious, sexual etc dintinction.

--- Dialogues for Africa Governance

Network which covers 8 countries of Africa Occidentale and Cameroun and which works for a recasting of the governance in Africa.

--- Governance in Africa

Alliance for refonder governance in Africa connects African and not-African actors engaged in the action and the reflexion, anxious to promote at the same time on the level of the African citizens and the world, a dialogue on the management of public affairs in Africa.

--- Groupe d’Action et de Recherche en Environnement et Développement

BP 30562, Lomé, TOGO. Fax (228) 21 0915

--- Municipal Development Partnership

Municipal Development Partnership (PDM) is a African organization in regional matter, gathering national associations of local communities of West Africa and center.

--- Non Violent Action and Strategies for Social Change

Nonviolent Action and Strategies for Social Change (NOVASC) is a service organisation (rather than an NGO). It provides technical and practical support for developing skills for negotiation, mediation and nonviolent action.

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