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Building Peace: Understanding First, So We Can Act

Pax Forum (December 2001 - June 2002)

Building Peace: The Need to Understand, So We Can Act
An International Internet-based Debate on Peace Building

The September 11 attacks in 2001 forced many people around the world into deep questioning about the world we live in, our own, individual place in it, and what our actions can or cannot lead to. We wished to move beyond casting blame and denouncing inept leadership. We felt it was our individual and collective responsibility to take the time to understand, so we ould act now for lasting change and lasting peace.

For many of the participants in this debate, its conclusions led them to changing their life in concrete ways. Years after the debate ended, we still received messages from its participants to the effect of: " . . . I loved the Pax forum. It determined many of the decisions that I have taken since."

The considerations and conclusions on how to build peace are still timely.

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Birth and Development of the Forum for Peace
:: Marina Urquidi :: June 2002 ::

Summary of the Pax Forum Debates
:: Arnaud Blin :: June 2002 ::

Useful Links on the Internet :: June 2002 ::

A Few Statistics :: June 2002 ::

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