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World Parliament

Forum: Proposal for a World Parliament for the Twenty-first Century (October 2002 - October 2003)

In our present times of globalization a whole set of problems involving the entire planet is being put on the table. We are facing these problems but have not yet been able to find common answers. Both the selfishness of some and the indifference of many allows, among other disasters, extreme poverty to coexist with opulence, wars to kill millions of persons, the environment to react in the form of unpredictable disasters, individualism to lead people to shirk their responsibilities and hypnotize them with false consumption paradises.

Our planet is like a drifting ship without a helm. Just as each part of a ship is indispensable to it, each social dimension is necessary for the world to function properly; we need a global legal and political dimension, a kind of global helm. We are afraid of facing the issue of global politics because past ideologies are still disturbing us with their bells of salvation.

:: Articles ::

X. Second Stage (May - October 2003) and Follow-up to the Project
:: Germà Pelayo :: June 2004 ::

A Few Proposals Produced by the Debate :: June 2004 ::

IX. Summary 6
:: Arnaud Blin :: June 2004 ::

VIII. Summary 5 :: June 2004 ::

VII. Summary 4 :: June 2004 ::

VI. Summary 3 :: June 2004 ::

V. Summary 2 :: June 2004 ::

IV. Summary 1 :: June 2004 ::

III. Calendar :: June 2004 ::

II. Introduction
:: Rob Wheeler :: June 2004 ::

I. Foreword
:: Gustavo Marin :: June 2004 ::

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