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Michel Sauquet

Web Site: Aliance des éditeurs independants

Vice-president of the Charles Leopold Mayer Editions and of the Alliance of Independent Editors for another Globalization. He is currently professor of political sciences and author of about 15 books, mostly literature.


Has published on this Web site ...

- Sharing Art As an Alternative to Merchandizing - October 2004

- Some Day, We Will Dismantle the Wall. Some Day, We Will Open the Big Avenues Again - September 2004

- WSF 2005 Will Be an Alternative Global Village - September 2004

- Success of the WSF Consultation - September 2004

- Preparing the WSF 2005: A Powerful Experience! - July 2004

- Cross-cultural Dialogue for Common Action, Beijing, February 27, 2003 - February 2003

- Hell is not others, as Sartre said. It is to refuse that others be others - September 2001

- No Alliance without Artists! - July 1998

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