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May the Children Sing

Guillem Ramis i Moneny, an Ally from Majorca since about ten years ago, suggested that we disseminate this song "that can be useful for peace."

May the Children Sing, by José Luis Perales, 1992

May the children sing, may they raise their voice, may they make the world listen,
may they bring their voices together and reach the sun, the truth is within them.
May the children sing, who live in peace, and those who suffer pain,
may they sing for those who will not sing because their voice has been turned off.

I sing for them to let me live,
I sing for Mommie to smile,
I sing for the sky to be blue,
and I for them not to spoil the sea for me.

I sing for those who have no bread,
I sing so they’ll respect the flower,
I sing for the world to be happy,
I sing to not hear guns.

May the children sing …

I sing for the garden to be green,
and I for them not to turn the sun off on me
I sing for the one who doesn’t know how to write,
and I for the one who writes love poems.

I sing for my voice to be heard,
and I to see if I can make them think,
I sing because I want a happy world,
and I in case someone wants to listen to me.

May the children sing …

Que canten los niños

In this downloadable PowerPoint presentation designed by Guillem Ramis, you may have to click to change the slides to follow the song.

Themes involved


Above photo under Creative Commons license:
Children of Peru in Narihuala, by Armando Lobos

Guillem Ramis was a primary schoolteacher in Majorca, Spain, for a large part of his life. Due to the arrival of new immigrants in the Balearic Islands he detected the need for cross-cultural education in order to avoid future outbursts of racism or xenophobia. He led the Ministry of Education of the Balearic Islands to set up a cross-cultural educational program for peace and cooperation in the year 2000 called Vivim Plegats (We Are Living Together), ideologically founded on the knowledge and practice of the Convention of the Rights of the Child, and on the Earth Charter. Guillem was relieved of his school-teaching position to be able devote his full attention to creating, organizing, and coordinating the Vivim Plegats program, which was world pioneer in adapting the Earth Charter for children young and old, translating it into the languages of the new immigrants, so that it would be accessible to young apprentices and their families. Some seventy schools incorporated the philosophy of cross-cultural education based on the Earth Charter and its influence transcended the island zone to reach different territories in Spain and in other countries, such as Portugal, Cuba, Japan, and Canada. (See a children’s adaptation of the Earth Charter.)

Having reached retirement age, Guillem has continued collecting, preparing, and spreading educational materials that can be used by other educators in their necessary work. Most of this work can be seen on the Web pages of Vivim Plegats (for the most part written in Catalan, the language of Majorca) and on the Web pages of the Earth Charter Initiative, based in Costa Rica.

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