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The Territory, a Place of Relations: Toward a Community of Linkage and Sharing

Published in September 2001

Coordinated by ...

- Ina Ranson

Ina Ranson is German, philologist, living in France. She is partner of the process of the Charter of the Human Responsibilities for Central Asia. She worked as teacher in several institutions, in France and in Germany, and also, between 1995 and 1997, at the University of Western Languages and Cultures in Tbilissi in Georgia. Since then, she returns there at least every year for one month. Committed in associative networks, she participated in several projects of support: installation of solar energy facilities, founding associations in Tbilissi and in France, establishing contacts among several actors... Ina Ranson participated in the translation of the" Charter of Human Responsibilities" in German and organized its translation into Georgian. In October 2004, she presented, with Edith Sizoo, the Charter of Human Responsibilities in Tbilissi, as part of several conferences and discussions. She has written many articles about ecological problems in several magazines, and one publication on cities and sustainable development for the Ministry of Environment and Territorial Management. She was responsible of the experience’s cards for the workshop "Integrated Management of the Territories" in the alliance.


- Paul Maquet Makedonski

Social Scientist. Director of the Institute of Urban Development (CENCA). Peru. Specialist in urban development, local planning, land management. Coordinator of the land network for Latin America and the Caribbean, of the Habitat International Coalition - HIC. Member of the platform "Habitat II", Peruvian pact for implementing the global plan of action.

Site - Instituto de Desarrollo Urbano (CENCA)


- Yves de Morsier

Architect, Switzerland


Topics Included

citizenship . companies . globalization . governance . local democracy . local development . sustainable development . world

Workgroup Papers

Go ! Conceiving Tomorrow’s City: What City Dwellers Say
Go ! Family Farmers Facing the Challenges of the Twenty-first Century
Go ! From the Conversion of the Arm Industries to the Search for Security
Go ! Land Policies and Land Reform
Go ! Law and Global Governance
Go ! Local Authorities or Local Facilitation
Go ! Principles of Governance for the Twenty-first Century
Go ! Redefining Global Governance to Meet the Challenges of the Twenty-first Century
Go ! Social Leaders in the Twenty-first Century: Challenges and Proposals
Go ! State and Development
Go ! The Military and Peace Building
Go ! The Territory, a Place of Relations: Toward a Community of Linkage and Sharing
Go ! The Troubled Waters of Traditional Fishing
Go ! Urban Violence

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