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A Strategic Agenda for the 21st century

A Strategic Agenda for the 21st century

The Workgroup on Solidarity Socio-Economy, inspired by the Strategic Agenda done at the end of the World Citizen Assembly in Lille in December 2001, drew in 2004 the project to define a Socioeconomic Agenda for the 21st century from the proposals elaborated within the alliance for a responsible, plural and united world as well as those elaborated during the events organized by the networks of solidarity economy in the World Social Forum and also from other applicable sources.

This Agenda will be organized through strategic lines and proposals drawing a sort of transitional itinerary towards an more, responsible, diverse and respectful economy, centred on the human being, socially and ecological sustainable and accountable. The goal is to attempt to give a global consistency to the proposals already made by actors and citizens, by identifying the line forces for change and the impediments, identifying the most important issues the effects of lever, etc.

First stage

The objective is to write a real global strategic agenda. For it a workgroup formed of experts of different walks of life and domains, having a very large vision of socio-economy and the global present economic system, has been settled, that operates remotly through an electronic forum, and that also met in Dourdan on September 23 to 26, 2004 to have an in depth discussion. During the meeting, the final objective has been as a set of strategic maps, as well as a work accessible to a large public carrying the major messages of this agenda.

If the meeting permitted a global validation of the strategic axes, it also brought a lot of complements of analysis and enrichment of the mapping. It also showed that the maps and the publication were not sufficient, and that an important documentation (a tourist guide) also had to go with the maps. The exercise was therefore thrilling, but its complexity has been underestimated and, to finish it, a work after the meeting, as important as the work before it, will be necessary.

Next work stages

1. a work of integration of the contributions important of the meeting, complement, synthesis and reformulation of the maps to finalize the strategic lines of the agenda;

2. a remote validation by the workgroup of the definitive lines;

3. an integration of the lines in the cartographic tool developed by the FPH and a réindexation of all proposals on these lines;

4. a complete documentation of the maps and the transformation of the maps in text through a detailed documentation. All of this in two languages (English and French)

The group will also bring a contribution to the intercontinental meeting of the promoters networks of solidarity economy in Dakar in November 2005


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