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Social Monitoring of Science

Social Monitoring of Science

Science has the objective of increasing the knowledge of mankind. For this, it must be free from deleterious choices imposed by the production system, i.e. by the governments and the economy. It is the production system that must be controlled. The freedom of research must enable a renewed interest in the study of laws that govern the universe rather than trying to transform it according to the objectives of a particular group.

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Forum on the Social Control of Science: Mid-forum Summary
:: Frédéric Piguet :: February 2007 ::

Forum on the Social Monitoring of Science: Final Summary. :: February 2007 ::

Manifesto for a Responsible and United Citizen’s Science
:: Pierre Calame :: June 1999 ::

Villarceaux Proposals
:: Jacques Mirenowicz :: April 1999 ::


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