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Cross-cultural Relations

Cross-cultural Relations

At the beginning of the 21st Century, there are two predominant trends that appear to be contradictory: the globalisation process and a growing awareness of the diversity of cultures and civilisations in the world. In this sense, the harmony, resulting from a necessary dialogue among civilizations, is not to be produced in spite of our differences, but thanks to them.
Cultures and its dialogue, are not an element more constitutive of human societies, but their main fundamental axis. Each human civilization has its irreducible power of creativity. Mankind is faced with the dilemma of either sacrificing cultural diversity on the altar of globalisation or using intercultural dialogue to enrich the mutual knowledge of different cultures, a fundamental step towards guaranteeing the possibility of a fair world, in peace and harmony, making full use of some of the instruments that globalisation has developed.

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Cross-cultural Dialogue for Common Action, Beijing, February 27, 2003
:: Michel Sauquet :: Catherine Guernier :: February 2003 ::

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Migrations and Multicultural Citizenship
:: Roger Winterhalter :: Cyril Kretzschmar :: September 2000 ::

Intercultural Life in the Neighbourhood: How to open oneself to others?
:: Réseau Cultures Europe :: March 1999 ::

Innovating with Tradition
:: Edith Sizoo :: March 1993 ::


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