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Go !A New Way of Seeing Things: Women’s Proposals for a More Equitable Society in Greater Solidarity
Women’s entry into public life has been a major event in history. It has caused an upheaval in dominant mindsets and highlighted a number of contradictions that are inherent to the organization of the social order. Women recommend that the dominant values of the patriarchal system be fundamentally questioned and condemned for their responsibility in excluding a greater part of humankind, in (...)

Go !Art and Cultural Identity in Building a United World
In the same way as myths, art allows us to perceive the mystery of the world, but is also provides lucidity, pleasure and joy. Through it we can penetrate the unknown, in search of partial answers. Poverty is often only considered in its tangible dimension, although the intangibility of the symbolic and spiritual is just as necessary. Art emerges through these elements, creating new links of (...)

Go !Cultural and Cross-cultural Diversity in the Age of Globlization
This Proposal Paper shows the existing antagonism between globalization on the one hand and on other, cultural diversity and of the world. It presents the cultural pluralism of the cross-cultural dynamics, and then proposals articulated around setting up cross-cultural dialog. After having shown the existing antagonism between globalization on the one hand and on the other hand the (...)

Go !Education for Active and Responsible Citizenship
This Proposal Paper is divided into two parts. A first part presents a set of nine proposals for education for an active and responsible citizenship. The second part is the reflection of five Experience Reports on a selection of educational practices. Educating is "leading to greater heights," "rising," "bringing to one’s full development" ... This is the issue at stake: offering the (...)

Go !Information society, knowledge society: benefiting from change
Proposal Paper of the New Information and Communication Technology workshop. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) are used where men and women handle and exchange signs, thereby bringing about radical social changes that cannot be kept within the narrow confines of the "new economy." This document gathers contributions from Europe, Africa, and North America to provide an (...)

Go !Interreligious Dialog
This Proposal Paper is a collective work under the coordination of Henri Bauer, researcher at the Research Center on Peace, specialized in the analysis of the links between religions and peace. Interreligious cooperation is an increasingly significant but frequently difficult undertaking. Over the last millennia there have been many examples of positive cross-cultural exchange and (...)

Go !Proposals for Education in the Twenty-first Century
In view of the increasing privatization and uniformity of education services, the goal is to strengthen links between education and social communities, in order to lay the foundations of another form of globalization, one that works in solidarity and greater democracy. This text of proposals stems from work that is both socioprofessional (teachers) and thematic, with concern given to (...)

Go !Proposals from the Social Monitoring of Science Forum
Proposal Paper from the Social Monitoring of Scientific Production Systems workshop. Provisional text for the work of the Society of Scientists during the World Assembly at Lille in 2001. "Scientists cannot be satisfied with producing knowledge and applications. They must also evaluate the impacts of their findings and accept responsibility for their possible uses" (Alain Ruellan, May (...)

Go !The Alliance and the Media
What does the media have to say about the ecological imbalances in our world and the increasing social inequalities ? The trend of the media to serve limited social functions gives basis for concern. The abundance of newspapers, journals and TV channels has unfortunately not created diversity of content and social responsibility. It is this social responsibility that should be promoted. (...)

Go !Thinking through University reform
The "Thinking through University Reform" Forum is a series of interactive exchanges (based on an electronic discussion forum) and face-to-face discussions (during two working meetings) among academics from various countries, backgrounds, and disciplines. The content of this document was put together on the basis of these discussions. It is in precisely this sense that they fully express the (...)

Go !Time and How It’s Used: Proposals for a Sustainable Development
This document is the result of several years’ work in Belgium on the management of time in our societies, and the perspective of evolution to a system of sustainable development. The issue of time raises a large number of social, political, and cultural questions for which it is perhaps difficult to find an overall solution. However, a certain number of structural directions are (...)

Go !War and Genocide ... Restoring Humanity in Human Beings Faced with Extreme Situations
War and genocide are collective situations. They affect every society concerned by them, sometimes for several generations, for they leave behind material ruin, economic damage (economic regression into poverty and dependence, and development of mafia-type economies), cultural damage (destruction of the cultural heritage and of the education systems, exile or death of artists) and damage of (...)

Go !Youth Action and Proposals for Social Change
This Proposal Paper presents proposals of strategies for change as well as youth actions in different fields of development and human improvement. The Youth Workshop is a network that brings together young people throughout the world who are conscious of the richness of their diversity, of culture, of their visions and of the importance of unity for facing up to the challenges that they (...)




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