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FPH Proposes Constituent Charter for the Alliance

The Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for the Progress of Humankind (FPH) recently presented a proposal for a Constituent Charter for the Alliance. This proposal was sent with a questionnaire by regular and electronic mail to all Allies, friends, contacts and partners of the Alliance. The answers to the questionnaire are posted on a new Web site as they are received. Everyone can react to them. This completely public opinion-gathering process will be continued through the month of May and the first few days of June 2005.

The proposal covers crucial points regarding the nature of the Alliance as a new form of organization for global transformation movements, values and ethical principles to be shared, the working procedures that have characterized Alliance activities these past years, the rules to be defined as to initiatives wishing to be seen as Alliance initiatives, the calendar for 2004-2010, and the possible development of biennial strategies.

The Web site - in French, English, Spanish, and Chinese - displays all the answers to the questionnaire received through any possible means (60 answers at the moment this brief is being published) and offers the possibility of reacting to these answers. The Web site Coordination team also provides periodic summaries of these answers and reactions, as well as statistics and diagrams showing the acceptance rate for the proposal.

If you would like to take part in this process, you can:

- read the Constituent Charter proposal
- then answer the questionnaire

Continued support for the Alliance by the FPH will be assessed according to the results of this consultation.

So definitely feel free to visit the Web site, where you will find further information and will be able to read other participants’ answers to the questionnaire and react to them.

Themes involved

-The Alliance story

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