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Land Policies and Agrarian Reforms

Land Policies and Agrarian Reforms

Workshop Report: Land Policies and Land Reforms - World Social Forum, February 3 and 4, 2002

For the occasion of the World Social Forum, in February 2002, the IRAM co-organized a workshop on Land Policies and Land Reforms. This workshop continues the work started at the FSM in 2001, and stresses the development of proposals with regard to safeguarding the security of land rights, the land and agricultural policies necessary for the development of family agriculture, and the place of producers' organizations in their design and application.

The workshop "Land Policies and Land reforms" of the Social Forum World 2002, brought together approximately 70 people around 3 main questions:
. how to make safe the rights of the users?
. how to guarantee an access to the land resources conformed to the economic and social optimum?
. how to recognize cultural and historical diversities?

The workshop emphasized the following proposals:
l. In the countries where land distribution is very uneven, to rehabilitate the land reform like a policy of the State necessary and paramount and to systematically seek the improvement of the process of land reform
2. Where the land inequalities are less important, to set up policies of structures and regulation of the land markets with the assistance of the country organizations, within the framework of a coherent agricultural policy.
3. Construction of adapted and evolutionary authorities of management of the "territories". To take into account of the distinct rights of several actors, individual and collective on the same space and the natural resources which it shelters.
4. To mainly decentralize the mechanisms of management of the individual land rights, by articulating the systems of land register and national registers with local mechanisms. To combine with the installation of authorities of resolution of conflicts and mediation adapted to the current requirements.



Michel Merlet
Interested in: Agro-Economy. Farmer organizations.
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Land Policies and Agrarian Reforms

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