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Land Policies and Agrarian Reforms

Land Policies and Agrarian Reforms

Family Farming, Societies, and Globalization

Agriculture has an important place in the Proposal Papers. Indeed this domain has becomes more and more difficult to protect in the present globalization movement: there are many challenges to take up.

This summary note shows the balance of achievements of the APM program. To obtain it, an capitalization effort was undertaken and through a pooling of the analyses and the proposlas of the different partners, an internal capitalization work, the contribution of an outside view on the program, and free contributions. What is thus highlighted are the strategic choices made by the APM team and by the FPH. The note also underscores the limits and the criticism of the program. This progress report has made it possible to conclude with the actions to be considered.


Agricultures paysannes et mondialisation (APM)
Family Farming, Societies and Globalisation (...)
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Land Policies and Agrarian Reforms

-Workshop Report: Land Policies and Land Reforms - World Social Forum, February 3 and 4, 2002
-Proposal Paper
-Experience’s Cards.
-Participants and Interested Persons

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