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Building Peace: The Need to Understand, So We Can Act
An International Internet-based Debate on Peace Building
December 2001 – June 2002

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A Few Statistics

Number of participants at the opening of the forum: 100
Number of participants at the closing of the forum: 158

General profile of the participants

Languages in which participants expressed themselves

1 organization, and 57 women and 100 men, 16 to 82 years old
ages 70-82: 3
in their 60s: 15
in their 50s: 23
in their 40s: 35
in their 30s: 33
in their 20s: 27
in their teens: 3

English: 50
French: 56
Spanish: 52

Greatest number of contributions by a single participant

29 contributions

Number of nationalities represented

(For details on the participants’ countries of residence, nationalities, and fields of activity, please refer to the document “Who Are We?”)

Number of countries of residence

48 countries

Regions in which participants were living

Total number of messages between December 6 and June 30

Africa and the Middle East: 20 participants
Asia: 14 participants
Europe: 69 participants
Latin America: 30 participants
U.S.A. and Canada: 21 participants

Introductions: 74
Contributions to the debate: 242
Messages from the Forum Coordination: 43
Monthly and weekly summaries: 27
Contributions by the School of Peace: 5

Number of contributors to the debate
(in addition to their introduction)

(42.4% of the persons signed up actually contributed to the debate. This is a very high participation rate for a forum of this kind, for which a 30% participation rate is considered good)



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