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Building Peace: The Need to Understand, So We Can Act
An International Internet-based Debate on Peace Building
December 2001 – June 2002

- General Summary of the Whole of the Debates
- A Few Statistics




Useful Links on the Internet

The participants in the debate, with the wealth of their diversity, referred us throughout the discussion to a number of Networks, to be consulted for further analysis, additional information, greater understanding, to expand the scope of our activities and networks.
To make such consultation easier, we put them together on the forum Web site at the following address:

The Networks are classified according the forum’s main discussion themes, each including a number of subsections. They are presented in alphabetical order with their link and a brief description in English, French, and Spanish, followed by links to the participants’ message or messages in which they were mentioned. Some of the Web sites are listed under several different sections.

Classification of the Networks:

Culture, Art, Education and Values


- International Charters
- Think Tanks and Culture
- Education
- The Human Mind
- The Media and Information Networks
- Peace

- International Charters
- Democracy and Civil-society Networks
- Governmental and Intergovernmental Institutions
- Human Rights and Humanitarian Movements
- Peace

Socioeconomics of Solidarity

Humanity and the Biosphere

- Companies
- Socioeconomics of Solidarity

- International Charters
- Environment and Sustainable Development

Other Networks

- Participants’ Personal Networks

We hope that the work accomplished here will help you to follow up in your search and research for peace.


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