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Proposal Files

The Meeting, using the contributions of the electronic forum, will make it possible to draw up proposals that are judged relevant, viable, and realistic by the whole of the participants for the implementation of necessary evolutions for the construction of European democratic governance.

These proposals will be collected in a, or several "Proposal Files," which are to be published in an evolutionary form, widely circulated in several languages, and suitable for multiple uses, both individual and collective.

The content of the Files will be presented to the Lille World Assembly.

The same Proposal Files should feed a position paper for the emergence of a European campaign to involve most Europeans in a true socially responsible debate: "Rethinking Society: What is the Europe That We Want?"

This European campaign should produce orientations, in the form of key ideas and guiding lines, for introduction into the future European Constitution.

The main objectives of the campaign would be:

- to accelerate awareness of a European citizenship;

- to wake the political world up to the expectations of the civil society;

- and to fuel the process of the political unification of Europe and the enactment of a European Constitution.

The final objective is for the new Parliament elected in 2004 to be considered as a Constituent Assembly; the campaign should therefore be launched as early as possible so as to be able to produce and present these contributions in due time for this date.


Note d'Olivier Petitjean : "L'élaboration et la diffusion de cahiers
de propositions pour le 21ème siècle" - août 2000