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Reflections on the Evils of the Continent

Today more than ever, the long march continues towards peace and solidarity in Africa. Directed by the writers, historians, poets, artists, journalists, students, politicians and religious men, the African caravan has achieved its first objective: to cross th continent, meeting African authorities, leaders and peoples in order to obtain a better diagnosis of the noxious evils conspiring against the construction of peace. With more than twenty countries travelled through - North to South and East to West - the African caravan will carry on for a long time to come until lasting peace is a reality on the continent.

A message from the grassroots

The Congress for African Refoundation is taking place presently in Tanzania until the 26th of June (near Dar Es Salaam) with the participation of several of the great distinguished persons of the continent. Work got underway with an air of festivity yesterday, with a melodic introduction by the great singer Pierre Akendengué and his group. During this meeting, members of the Peace Caravan successively presented the balance of a year touring the continent, and adopted, with the participants, a work program for future tours and to draf an African Charter for Peace and Solidarity. This document, a direct message from the grassroots in Africa, will be presented at the next summit meeting of African Heads of State and Governments in Zambia. The interesting aspect of this "African Charter of Dar Es Salaam" is most certainly the fact that that the idea originated with young people of Africa - a disconcerted group - seeking the best way to send out a message from the grassroots in favor of peace and of solidarity among peoples with a view to a better development of the continent.

The fight against ethnophobia

At the opening of the congress yesterday, three themes were raised, about which the participants debated in three workgroups - governance, economy and cultural values. In respect of governance, that which is the concern of the participants is a reflection on the principles and practices of governments in Africa. The future of the African enterprise networks will be debated by the workgroup charged with deliberations on the economy. As for the third theme, Values and Culture, a profound reflection will take place that will establish the role of art, and values and culture, in Africa in the fight against ethnophobia, xenophobia, and the promotion of the values of solidarity and unity.

As long as there is war ...

These African citizens, today more than ever, are determined not to spare any effort to reach their desired goal. Only one thing can be certain: Africa cannot be united as long as it continues to suffer from wars, or conflicts between states or between ethnic groups. In recent years, several thousands of African citizens, young people for the most part, have met their death in the wars and conflicts that are still taking place.

- From Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, Africa, Congress of African Refoundation
- Continental Meeting in Africa

by Ousmane MBAYE <>


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